About us

David, a restaurant management veteran, has planned this restaurant for a number of years, calling on the experience of other industry veterans.

Wilson has been involved in the industry for many years, starting as an apprentice waiter at the internationally famous Brennan’s in New Orleans while attending school. He quickly rose through the ranks of the business to lead the restaurant as its General Manager for 13 years. David also spent 5 years with the Brennan family in their Dallas venture.

Wilson joined Spaghetti Warehouse, Inc. in 1986 and after an introduction to the operational side of the business helped to guide the company’s growth from eight to 37 restaurants serving as Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer until 1994. He was recruited by an Applebee’s franchisee to lead their concept’s development, opening Applebee’s restaurants in the west.

David’s love of Dallas and The Best Southwest brought him back to the area in 2001 to open the Cedar Hill Rockfish Seafood Grill as its Chef Partner. The Cedar Hill Rockfish was the company’s prototype, largest restaurant and highest grossing restaurant at the time. Several years later David was invited to become a Market Partner and to take over supervision of some of the company’s restaurants in the DFW area as well as to open and supervise an operation in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Wilson has served as President of the Greater Dallas Restaurant Association; he has also held positions up to First Vice President of the Texas Restaurant Association. For a number of years he served as Bailli of the Chaine de Rotisseurs, a premier international food and wine society.

After operating a business in the Cedar Hill and getting to know the people in the area, David decided to open a restaurant based upon what he has found to be exciting to his guests. He will bring the brand of service and style of food that he is known for to David’s.

David’s method of cooking leans towards the style of New Orleans where he honed his culinary talents working with international chefs. He brings a sense of mystique to the restaurant by always creating new and exciting offerings with fresh seasonal ingredients. In addition, his ever-changing menu will incorporate recipes that he has developed in different parts of the country. David’s past guests enjoyed that there was always a sample of something delicious available for them.

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